When Waterloo Breweing made their first small batch back in 1984, they had a simple goal: to brew the kind of beer they’d be proud to serve to friends, the kind of beer they’d choose for themelves. 

Back then, they were the only beermakers in Ontario to think that way. Turns out we they were onto something.

Waterloo Brewery and ChefD

I am proud to partner with Waterloo Brewing, their commitment to brewing quality beer with unique flavour profiles makes my job easy!  Whether in the Real T Lounge, the Studio Kitchen or while I'm relaxing with friends, a cold pint of Waterloo never disappoints!

Videos Featuring Waterloo Brewing

Our Craft

We take our time, we use carefully selected ingredients, and we labour over every batch.

Brewing beer with character is the standard we’ve set for ourselves, because at the end of a work day or start of a weekend, when our friends and neighbours reach for something cold, we feel we owe them something we’ve put every ounce of our effort into.

Beer with character, for people of character.

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