Deliciously crafted.

Piller’s deli meats are crafted from only the finest ingredients, using traditional European recipes handed down through five generations of sausage makers.

All Piller’s meats are free of gluten and added MSG, so they have the taste the whole family will enjoy.

As Piller’s corporate chef, ChefD, creates recipes for Piller’s retail and foodservice side.

ChefD promotes Piller’s product on television, radio and print, including his own show At Home with ChefD on Rogers TV, for 4 seasons. 

ChefD showcases Piller’s products at food shows for our retail and Piller’s foodservice division.

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Snacking Made Easy.

Create your next delicious Charcuterie board, or take Salami Whips as a snack on your next hike.

Delivered right to your door, our premium dry cured salami and meat snacks are ready for your snacking convenience and enjoyment.

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